Your Why Must Be Greater Than Any Excuse

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Episode #108

This week I’m sharing with you my current mantra: Your why MUST be greater than any excuse. Unless you want to live in mediocrity, you’ve likely set some goals and desired outcomes for yourself.

Without a strong enough why, excuses will creep in and eventually win, keeping you from achieving your goals. For example, you want to get healthier, or make more money, or travel or be in a relationship. Cool. But, WHY? I share a three-part strategy with all of my coaching clients ensuring that they have strong why’s in place.

Once you’ve truly outlined your why’s and they’re clear, even when the excuses creep in – because they will, your why’s become your motivation and will help you push past your lame excuses. 

For example, if your why to get healthier includes feeling more energy, increasing confidence, be able to fit into that dress you haven’t worn in years, be more social, feel sexy, want to look in the mirror, etc. these reasons will motivate you to go after the what. Even if it’s raining, or snowing, or a Monday or a Friday, or you just plain don’t feel like it, you will have such a strong desire to reach your goal, these BS excuses don’t stand a chance!

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