Your Ego Is Not Your Amigo

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Episode #317

Your Ego Is Not Your Amigo

One of my favorite t-shirts I’ve ever seen someone wear said: Your Ego Is Not Your Amigo and I couldn’t agree more! When I discuss ego today I’m not referring to someone who’s arrogant or full of themselves. Instead, I’m talking about the EGO (edging God out) where we experience all of our battles.

A Course in Miracles

As A Course in Miracles teaches, as humans, we are living in duality. Good and bad. Right and wrong. Black and white. Our mind is split in two – ego and holy spirit. What this means is that anytime you find yourself living in fear, worry, stress, anxiety, anger, resentment and all other negative experiences, you’re in ego. On the other side is love. 

You are worthy

This love that ACIM teaches is what we are. As God’s children, we are whole, complete, innocent and worthy of everything we desire. Instead of knowing and living this, we’re stuck in an ego mindset which is literally living in hell. Think about it, isn’t happiness fleeting? Aren’t you always seeking more, better, higher?

Choose to surrender

The moment you choose to surrender and are willing to see life a different way is the moment your life will change. This is the moment ego is no longer running the show. Each day you get to choose – will you be guided via the ego which is not your amigo or will you choose love and surrender to being led? 


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