You Were Born to Win

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Episode #308

You Were Born to Win

If there’s one thing you must know – it’s that you were born to win in this life. We’ve been conditioned as a society and culture to be busy DOing rather than BEing. I want to share with you the differences in being a human doing vs. a human being. 

There’s a better way

As a culture, we applaud the hustle and grind mentality. I’m here to tell you that you’re doing it the hard way. When you live in a space of trying to make things happen via force, action and control, you’re stifling the creative energies to flow through you. There’s a much better way.

Surrender and allow

When you live in a space of surrender and allowing, life happens for you. As you intentional create time and space to just be, you connect to a higher frequency that will provide all of the necessary resources for you to achieve whatever it is you want – money, jobs, people and more. But it’s on you to create stillness and peace so that it can flow.

Let go

You were born to win and any struggle you’re facing is self imposed. There is a better way! Let go. Trust and have faith that you will always be guided and start allowing life to effortlessly unfold for you. It’s time to step into living as a human being and let go of the addiction to human doing.


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