You Have the Power to Design a Life You Love

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Episode #215


You Have the Power to Design a Life You Love

Carmen Ventrucci joined me to share how you have the power to design a life you love. You know the saying that life gives you signs – at first a feather, then a brick and if you’re still not paying attention you may get hit by a mack truck? That’s kind of how Carmen’s story went.

Get out of your comfort zone

She experienced one obstacle after another when she finally realized it was time to take action NOW to design a life she loved instead of waiting until tomorrow. Carmen preaches the importance of getting comfortable being uncomfortable. That the life you dream about can only be found outside of your comfort zone.

Comfort = change

Carmen shares that anytime you’re feeling comfortable, it’s time to make change. Best part – this doesn’t have to be life altering but little changes like starting a new hobby, learning a new skill, making new friends.

After being bombarded with difficult life challenges after another, Carmen moved her drop out date from quitting corporate from December to seven months early. This is taking a leap of faith and what she shares – she wished she had done it sooner! The more you practice getting out of your comfort zone, the happier you’ll be.

You have the power

We all have the power to design a life we love. Although society does not encourage us to try new things in order to avoid failure, we highly recommend you do! Failure is only temporary defeat. Do you have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset? Failure provides us with lessons and ways to improve. Without it, you’d just continue going through life’s motions.


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