You CAN Beat The Odds

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Episode #149


You CAN Beat The Odds

Dylan Slattery is a prime example of someone who can beat the odds. He’s experienced a lot in his life; far more adversity than many of us will ever face. He even beat the odds of cancer – twice and after his second diagnosis was only given a 15% chance of survival. 

Reframe your circumstance

Dylan didn’t play victim and for that, I give him serious props. His story proves that mindset is everything. He chose to reframe his circumstance. He chose to see his cancer as a wake up call – a second chance.

With a new perspective and a second chance he turned his life around. Eliminating poor habits like alcohol, drugs and late night pizza were the first to go. In an 18 month period he lost 60 pounds. Habits can make or break you. Choose wisely.

Reframe your circumstance

What if you questioned your negative circumstances and asked “Why is this happening FOR me?” Rather than play victim and believe the BS stories we tell ourself, you can choose to begin again.

Adversity is a universal experience that can unite all of us. Adversity for everyone is different, yet we can all relate to traumatic experiences or hitting rock bottom. Rather than judge and criticize, what if you chose to extend a helping hand or a listening ear? What if we did this BEFORE tragedies happened? 

Become curious

There is not one person on this planet out of the 7 billion that has it all figured out. We all come up against our own set of odds. The one thing that’s for sure – we can choose to look at the big picture and let these experiences open us up to become the person we want to be. Become curious is all I suggest.


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