Without Struggle there is No Progress

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Episode #171


Without Struggle there is No Progress

Evan Renfroe joins me for today’s podcast in which we discuss the topic – without struggle there is no progress. We’ve all been through experiences in life both good and bad. Without having experienced pain or struggle, there would be no room for progress or seeing how resilient you can be. 

Perspective is everything

Perspective in life is everything. You can see life as happening for you or to you. We all get knocked down but getting back up is a choice. If your perspective is I’m a victim, you become jaded about life and miss out on opportunities through the perceived struggle. 

Whether you’re going through a difficult time now, or you encounter a challenge in the future, I challenge you to ask yourself this question, “What is this teaching me? How is this happening FOR me?”

Opportunity is everywhere

From Evan’s experiences, he’s been able to build confidence, courage and boldness to progress in life. He’s become stronger emotionally as well as mentally. He now sees the opportunity in each perceived struggle. Most importantly, he’s been able to embrace discomfort. 

Evan discusses the feedback loop which simply put, is recognizing your patterns. Pay attention to what triggers you. What experiences or things said get you off course? Is it road rage, criticism, someone running late? Being aware of your triggers is the first step in being able to change your reaction. 

Take ownership

In closing, your perspective dictates the world around you. Taking ownership of your emotions, triggers and thought patterns can change your life. Choose to be resilient rather than reactive. 


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