Why Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone is a Must

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Episode #227


Why Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone is a Must

Cesar Espino joins me to share his backstory and why stepping outside of your comfort zone is a must. Originally from Mexico and transplanted in the U.S. at age 12, Cesar has learned to overcome a lot of obstacles. When he arrived in the U.S. he didn’t speak any English.

You can overcome anything

When you’re up against a wall, you may not see it, but, life is always happening for you. Cesar attests and even wrote a book all about being able to overcome anything. It’s easy to revert back to your comfort zone when in a period of unknowns, but nothing good will ever grow from there.

The moment Cesar embraced the discomfort and chose to surrender to his new circumstances, everything began to change. He shared that the moment you surrender, you allow energy to come through you. It was then that he chose to focus on educating himself. He’s always been drawn to learning and growing. 

Rewrite your story

Another turning point for Cesar was choosing to say no to becoming a product of his environment and not join gangs. He chose to create a new story and vision for himself. He also emphasizes the importance of choosing your circle of influence – that it’s both a get and give mentality.

What I love most about Cesar’s story is his mentality and mindset to start before he was ready. To have the internal drive and ambition to be prepared for opportunities. His focus – what’s his next big idea? 

Leverage adversity

The moral of this story – step outside of your comfort zone. Leverage any perceived adversity and keep at it until you reach your goal. You can literally overcome any situation you find yourself in as long as you don’t allow the fears of the unknowns to hold you back.

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