When to Course Correct

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Episode #210

When to Course Correct

When you accept a new challenge or take the first step toward your goal, you may find yourself having to course correct along the way. That’s what I learned this past week. Although it wasn’t ideal, having to start over on my #75Hard challenge gave me an opportunity to course correct and begin again.

Quitting is easy

Most people quit when things get hard. Quitting is easy. The thing is, if things were easy, everyone would be doing it. We know for a fact, the 3% that have made it to the top didn’t take any shortcuts. But they did learn to course correct along the way.

Begin again

Did you know that a plane is off course the majority of the flight and the pilot course corrects to reach the final destination? The pilot doesn’t give up! Neither should you. In order to reach your end goal you have to learn to course correct when you come up against an obstacle or challenge, and then, begin again.


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