Turning Pain Into Purpose

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Episode #155


Turning Pain Into Purpose

Charles Clay joined me this week to share his back story on turning pain into purpose. Years ago he had a severe back injury after a nasty snowboarding accident. With his background in personal training and kinesiology, he decided he would find a way to heal his pain rather than go under the knife.

There’s opportunity in every perceived obstacle

When you can step into a space of a knowing that life is happening FOR you and not TO you, there are so many gifts. Charles found his gift and is now able to help so many others heal their pain. The key to healing – feeling your emotions. As Charles says, feel it to heal it.

I love his analogy that pain in the body is like the check engine light in your car. You get to choose – will you learn by the messages of a feather, a brick or a mack truck? For Charles, it took a mack truck (snowboarding injury) to turn his life around.

Quiet the noise

So many of us are distracted by the noise of everyday life. We’ve turned off the intuitive nudges, whispers and our true callings. The easiest way to get back to our heart space – meditation. When you ask, you shall receive. During recovery, Charles asked for answers to his healing injury before entering meditation and received exactly what he needed when he came out.

You can too! If you don’t have a meditation practice yet, today’s a great day to start. If you feel you don’t know how, or you can’t or that you don’t even have the time, how long are you willing to go on in distress, pain or feeling lost? Quiet your mind to listen to your intuition.

Mindset is everything

What I loved most about this episode are all of the golden nuggets throughout. The one that comes to mind is the root of all suffering is an untrained mind. For me, mindset is everything. That goes along with self care, surrendering to let life flow and living in joy, passion and purpose.

If you’re ready to enter a deep level of self discovery and turn your pain into purpose, tune in to hear the full episode!


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