Turning a Setback into a Comeback

By June 27, 2018 No Comments

Episode #53

A song came to mind while I was preparing this podcast – Chumbawamba (I get knocked down, but I get up again). This was one of my most fun podcast interviews to date!

Dan Holguin is an inspiration and a living example of turning a setback into a comeback. Dan, a former American Ninja Warrior contestant and a high performance coach, is living his best life. His energy is pure high vibin’ and he’s on a mission to empower others.

Dan shares his personal story of getting knocked down, flat on his ass and his darkest point back in 2013. Listen in to Dan’s story and how he overcame his rock bottom by clicking here.

And, it’s your lucky day! Dan has provided a FREE tool for you to take action in your life. Check it out by clicking here.

To learn more about Dan, connect with him using the links below:


IG & FB: @danholguin