Turn Your Mess Into Your Message

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Episode #179


Turn Your Mess Into Your Message

Adam Baca joins me this week to share how you can turn your mess into your message. We all have a choice in this life – we can learn from our experiences and rise above the perceived struggle, or we can cave in uncertainty and become a victim to our circumstances. Adam chose to be a victor despite his challenges.

Achievers mentality

Growing up, Adam was like many of us – a competitive athlete who wanted to win. For Adam, golf was his outlet. It was his escape from pain at home. Although Adam was a champion on the golf course, he was empty and depressed inside. His constant desire to achieve was his way of showing he was worthy. Can you relate?

Despite being a stellar golfer, Adam had a deep desire for more. For him, golf was selfish. He loves team sports and wanted more meaning in life as well as connection with others. It wasn’t until his senior year of high school when things began to shift.

Start a movement

Adam joined forces with eleven other students and a teacher and began a movement – A Day Without Hate. This movement is a student led, grassroots organization that promotes nonviolence, unity, and respect in our schools. 

When Adam found meaning outside of him, he began to come alive. Formerly living in a depressive state, he became the hype man and chose to start living. He chose to be open to getting to know people and being vulnerable. Most importantly, he removed his achievers mask and learned he didn’t have to prove his worthiness. He was enough just as he is.

Pain into purpose

Adam is a shining light to many. When he chose to rise above himself and step into a state of service, his life changed. He chose to turn his pain into purpose. It was this breakthrough that led to his transformation. He realized his old identities were no longer serving him and he wanted to help others who were where he was.

Finally, the moral of this story – the fastest way to anything is THROUGH it. Not avoiding. Not numbing. Not isolation. Instead, face your inner demons to come out more victorious than before. You have the power to change your life. Turn your mess into your message.


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