Train Your Mindset

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Episode #270

Train Your Mindset

It’s time to spend as much time on your mind learning to train your mindset, as you do on your body. Mainstream is obsessed with the body – and I agree, taking care of your physical self is important. However, taking care of your mental state is far more important.

A different reality

If you spent as much time on the health of your mindset as you do on your body, you could be in a totally different reality. I’m sharing with you ways to train your mindset so that you can have the reality you actually want. Just like any muscle in your body, your mind is a muscle and needs consistent repetitions to grow.

Morning routine

So, how do you train your mindset? There are countless ways to do it – I’m going to offer you a handful to keep it simple and get you going. First of all, start with a morning routine. If you begin your day on the right foot you will have forward momentum throughout your whole day.

A morning routine can include anything from meditating, journaling, listening to empowering audio like podcasts or even YouTube videos. You can write your daily intentions, how you want to feel and what you want to accomplish. Affirmations and mantras are also a surefire way to focus your thoughts and train your mindset.

Be intentional + consistent

Whatever you choose, be intentional on how you start your day and be consistent. Consistency is the key to getting real results. The point in training your mindset is so that if you have a bad moment or bad day and you fall off track, you will be equipped with the know how to not spiral out of control.

To summarize, you have the choice – you can design your life by choice, or live be default. When you consciously train your mindset to function on belief, clarity and certainty, you are designing your life. If you fall trap to going through life’s motions, you are living by default.


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train your mindset


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