This is Your Wake Up Call

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Episode #206

This is Your Wake Up Call

Events of mortality can be quite a wake up call. Kobe Bryant – the basketball legend from the LA Lakers passed away on January 26, 2020 along with one of his daughters and seven other passengers in a helicopter crash. If you were active on social media at all – you would have felt the shock waves across all platforms.

Stop waiting

This is your wakeup call. I see you out there waiting for the “right time” or tomorrow, or next week or five years from now. Guess what? None of that time you’re waiting for is guaranteed. You have greatness inside of you – your dreams, visions and goals are yours for a reason.

Stop waiting for tomorrow or when you feel you might be ready. There is no perfect time. In fact, I highly recommend starting before you’re ready. Use fear to propel you to take the next step, not stop you from moving forward. You have your own legacy to leave behind – make it a good one that will send shock waves out to those you impacted.

Infinite potential

Let today be the last day you wait to start something great. You have infinite potential. We all do. It comes down to making a decision – will you tap into it or reach your final destination playing the woulda, coulda, shoulda game?


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