The Tipping Point From Misery to Transformation

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Episode #221


The Tipping Point From Misery to Transformation

Jen Gagnon joined me to share her tipping point and how she went from misery to transformation. Like many people, Jen fell trap to wanting a quick fix. From yo-yo dieting to following the latest trend, nothing ever lasted. After the birth of her third child, Jen came to her breaking point and wanted lasting change.

Find the root cause

Society has conditioned us to focus on the exterior. The fitness industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Whether you’ve been inundated by pills, fads, or diets, it tends to keep you in a vicious cycle looking for the next quick fix. The thing is, all of these approaches only help the symptom, never the root cause.

If you’re seeking long term results, you have to look into the root cause. Why do you overeat? Even though you’ve accomplished and achieved so much, why are you miserable? Without figuring out the root cause, you’ll stay in the vicious cycle.

Implement what you learn

Jen’s own journey lead her to a holistic approach and ultimately into personal development. She started implementing what the books were teaching by taking small, yet consistent steps. Most importantly, she became aware of her internal dialogue and was able to shift her thoughts.

I preach often that the only way to long term results is through habits and consistency. Each time Jen had created a solid new habit, she continued to the next. As they say, slow and steady wins the race. Honor where you’re at and give yourself a little grace along the way.


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