The Right Headspace

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Episode #322

The Right Headspace

Do you ever wonder how to get into the right headspace? I talk about mindset a lot and today I want to share with you an intentional way you can set yourself up to get in flow. Meditation can be done in a variety of forms and one powerful way is through moving meditation.

Moving meditation

I’ve been a runner since a young age. As early as eight years old I can remember going out for a run and going distances with ease. Today, I now know of this as a moving meditation. For you, it may be gardening, journaling, dancing, walking, hiking, golf, painting and more. Any form of movement that quiets the mental chatter and gets you in flow is a form of moving meditation.

Create space to connect within

Why is this powerful? When you can turn off the mental chatter, you create space to connect within. This open channel of communication allows you to receive guidance and answers to questions you may have. By quieting the mind and opening yourself to guidance, you can create the right headspace to take your next step.

Get in flow

Think back to a time in which life was effortless. Things came to you easily and you were in flow. What were you doing? What brings you joy? That may be your go to for a moving meditation. This week, to set you up to get into the right headspace, create time to connect within and find your joy. Then, share with me what works for you!

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