The Power of I AM Statements

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Episode #106

The power of I AM statements is this – they’re the two most powerful words you can speak. Whatever follows the I am becomes your reality. Have you ever really paid attention to the words you speak? If you haven’t, I suggest now to be a good time to start. 

Our subconscious doesn’t decipher positive from negative. What we say and think create emotion and emotion creates our beliefs. Just last week while running on the treadmill, I was in pain, had hit a wall and wanted to quit. All of a sudden I started chanting I AM statements in my head. I chanted I AM STRONG, I AM HEALTHY, I AM FIERCE. Over, and over again until I finished my last step of my training miles. The pain nearly vanished and I was so focused, I ended up running my fastest miles yet. 

This quick example goes to show you the power of I am statements. If you aren’t already, I suggest adding these to your morning routine, writing them on post-it notes to stick on a mirror or even creating an affirmation card you can put in your pocket. The more you say these I am statements with conviction, the quicker they become your reality.

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