The Power of Gratitude

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Episode #205


The Power of Gratitude

Julie Boyer joins me today to share how she has tapped into the power of gratitude. Not only do we cover the power of gratitude and the importance of a gratitude practice, but also how gratitude and manifesting go hand in hand. If you haven’t yet, I invite you to start your own gratitude practice.

Gratitude journal

I first learned about gratitude when I watched Oprah in elementary school. Oprah used to share the power of having a gratitude journal. Since that day, I lay in bed every night and think of at least five things from that day for which I am grateful. It can be the sun shining, a call from a friend, a bed to sleep in – anything that brings me joy.

By implementing a daily practice of gratitude such as being grateful for another day, it brings more to you. For most people in established countries things like fresh drinking water, a car to drive, food to eat and a house to live in are things that are taken for granted. What if instead, you started each day with pure joy and appreciation for every single thing you have and are able to experience?!

Practicing as if

Julie has been able to use the power of gratitude to attract desires into her life. She shares that writing something in the present tense – as if you already have it, brings that desire to you. She’s done this for years and was even able to attract her ideal husband by being clear and concise and acting as if she already had it.

Gratitude through tragedy

Although it may seem difficult, Julie has been able to find gratitude even through tragedy. Julie had previous miscarriages and although she wasn’t grateful for the experience, she found gratitude for the medical staff, the healing of her body and the safety of her daughter. Finding gratitude through tragedy can bring hope and healing.

Daily practice

In summary, choose to wake up with gratitude every single day. Make this a ritual in your morning routine. Maybe you’re even grateful for today’s technology, or that you’re reading this blog or able to listen to the podcast. The power of gratitude is at your fingertips if you choose to express it.


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