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The Makeover Master

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Episode #249


The Makeover Master

Mike Young known as the makeover master, joined me to share how he went from liquid millionaire to over $200k in debt, and then how he bounced back. To say the least, Mike has been through some highs and lows. The message he shared that I love the most – your mindset is the foundation of your house.

Bouncing back

So, how do you go from millionaire to hundred of thousands of debt and bounce back? After 8.5 years of struggling trying to do it himself, Mike got wise and hired others that could save him time – and money. In just 18 months, Mike was able to turn his life around and now coaches others to do the same.

A key takeaway from his experience – Mike learned to fall in love with the process of it all. Rather than get stuck in the past or the future, he found clarity in the present moment. And, he learned to fall in love with the process of becoming the best version of himself.

Clarity is the key

One struggle I see in so many people is not being clear on what you want. Confusion or not deciding will keep you treading water. Instead, take the time and ask yourself hard questions so you can find clarity on what you want, your value system and what’s important to you. You have this one life to live it up – how do you want to spend your time?

The American dream

Something Mike and I have in common is that we got stuck chasing the American dream. We chased money, accolades and other things that were supposed to make us happy. Instead, we ended up feeling miserable. The only way out of any struggle is to begin from within. What’s your self talk? What do you believe is possible for you?

In addition, if you can relate to chasing the next high, attending personal development seminars, or living conditionally: if ______ then I’ll be happy, this episode is for you. To learn how Mike mastered his own makeover and how you can too, tune into episode 249.


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