The Magic in Manifesting

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Episode #169


The Magic in Manifesting

Neel Mehta joins me this week to share his belief and experience in the magic of manifesting. Manifesting or acquiring our desires is something I love talking about. We all have desires – whether or not we allow them to come to fruition is totally up to us.

Magic formula

There is a bit of magic in manifesting. It’s a precise formula of vision + belief + emotion = manifestation. It’s simple too. You’re manifesting every day whether you like it or not. If your focus is not having, lack, or on something you don’t want, you get more of that. 

Instead, if your focus is on a clear desire and a belief as well as knowing it’s on its way, the only possible outcome is for it to manifest. There is a fine balance in allowing and doing. 

Mindset is everything

What I love about Neel’s message is that your access to your desires is solely based on your mindset. If you believe it, you can achieve it. If you doubt it, you won’t. It’s funny how we complicate things but it truly is this easy.

Trust the process

Something that I am constantly working on is letting go of the HOW. The process, timing and details is not our job. The universe will support you and knows the fastest, easiest, most beneficial way to bring it to you. This is where trust comes in.

The magic in manifesting is also about being open. Allowing synchronicity’s and others to help you along your path. The best part, find a mentor. There will always be someone out there that has done what you have in mind and can help fast track you along the way.  

Are you ready to embrace the magic in manifesting? 


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