The Human Spirit Craves Adventure

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Episode #213


The Human Spirit Craves Adventure

David Alan Arnold joined me to share his beliefs around the human spirit craving adventure. As a hollywood helicopter cameraman, David knows a thing or two about adventure and taking risks. Over his 25 years of being a heli cameraman, he’s had many near death experiences and had many fellow friends and colleagues go down.

Life is meant to be lived

I asked why he would continue in a position in which so much risk is involved – he said that the human spirit craves adventure. Without it, life would be meaningless. Honestly, I couldn’t agree more. Life is meant to be lived. Adventure, joy, and bucket list destinations are to be experienced not just dreamed about.

Time is limited

We also discussed the recent death of Kobe Bryant and how it’s a reminder that our time is limited. Stop waiting for tomorrow, or when the “time is right”. Only this moment is guaranteed. We’re built for adventure. The message David really shares is to live the life you want and to die without regrets. 

Your desire is yours to realize

If you were looking for a sign – here it is! Go for the things you dream of. Say yes to adventure and things that light your soul on fire. Spirit, God, the Universe whatever you want to call it wants to experience through you. Every desire or dream you have is yours to realize. 


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