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The Art of Selling Yourself

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Episode #257


The Art of Selling Yourself

Anthony Garcia joined me to share his secrets on the art of selling yourself. Whether you’re aware of it or not, every single person is in the art of selling yourself. For example, when dating, at a job interview, meeting the in-laws or on stage, you are selling your charm, abilities, persona and more.

Stigma in sales

Many people have a bad stigma around sales – that sales is dirty, cheap or manipulation. Instead, think of sales as persuasion for an ideal outcome (to get the job, begin a relationship or make a great first impression). In all honesty, selling yourself as Anthony puts it, is harder than selling a product or service.

Doubting your abilities

Why? To sell yourself brings up a lot of insecurities for people. Whether it’s not good enough, self doubt or more, many people lack confidence. The truth is, if you have any ounce of doubt, you’ll never be able to sell yourself. If you doubt your abilities or what you bring to the table, why would someone else want to buy in?

Level up

Instead, Anthony shares the art of selling yourself is affirmations, giving yourself permission to level up and having accountability. As with anything, consistent repetition will help you to grow your confidence muscle and excel in the art of selling yourself. Finally, your environment plays a major role in your mindset – be willing to let go of habits and people that aren’t in alignment with your goals.


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