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The Art of Manifesting

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Episode #265


The Art of Manifesting

Bee the manifesting queen, joined me to share her secrets and the art of manifesting. You’ve likely heard of the Law of Attraction from the infamous movie and book The Secret. The truth is, there is no secret – it’s science. Thanks to Dr. Joe Dispenza who demystifies the mystical, you are constantly manifesting and attracting everything in your life.

Law of Attraction

As Bee shares, what you focus on expands. Whether you’re constantly consumed thinking about what you do want or what you don’t want, you’re getting more of it. Similar to my backstory, Bee was unhappy in her 9-5, feeling empty and thought there must be more. When she discovered the Law of Attraction, everything changed. 

Remove the blocks

The main thing keeping your desires at bay is your belief it’s not possible, or too hard, or you’re not good enough. Bee shares that once you’re able to remove your manifestation blocks (limiting beliefs) you can turn your whole life around. Once she learned these principles, she was able to create an amazing life and experiences in a short amount of time.

In addition to removing blocks, you have to be open to receiving. Whether you do this with a heart opening meditation or simply release the need to control, the Universe shows up. You have to allow opportunities to show – simply let go of the how your desires will unfold.

Go with the flow

Finally, when you’re in a state of stress, worry, doubt or any other negative feeling, you’re literally repelling what you want. Instead, learn to go with the flow and trust the art of manifesting. You can add affirmations to get started which can plant a seed of belief in your subconscious mind. 


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