The Art of Feminine Presence

By April 18, 2018 No Comments

Episode #33

THIS!┬áThis episode is powerful! In today’s society, I believe women have projected the “Miss Independent” and potentially lost some of their feminine energy. I know I had. I was trying to match the energies around me and in turn wasn’t being my authentic self. At our core, we are either masculine or feminine energy, but we embody both, and need polar energies for different times. If at your core you are feminine, but exude masculine energy, you will attract feminine energy – you need both energies in relationships, at the office, in groups etc.

Paulette Fara joins me and discusses ways to bring back our feminine essence. From little things like dancing and using your hips as you walk, to painting your nails or the clothes you wear. Tune in by clicking here to learn more.

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