Take Your Power Back

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Episode #193


Take Your Power Back

Jason Kendrick joins me to share with you how to take your power back. I LOVE this topic! This is all about understanding your perspective and that there is power in choosing. A message Jason shares early is that you teach best what you need to understand.

What if I chose this?

Growing up wasn’t so easy for Jason. Rather than play victim to circumstance he thought to himself, what if I chose my parents? What if this is all happening for me? This is power of perspective! He shares that there are opportunities in every challenge we face.

What’s your story?

We’ve all experienced moments in our life which we relate to as events. The real power is the story we create around these events. For example, if you experienced failure, that was an event, you are not a failure. Depending on the story we create around the event will depend how we shape our beliefs and mindset for future events.

The best part – we have a choice. Will you feel empowered or fall victim to life’s events? The next time you experience a challenge, stop and ask yourself – did I choose this? How is this happening FOR me? By asking these questions, you have the opportunity to take your power back.

Belief system

Additionally, as Abraham Hicks teaches, beliefs are just thoughts you keep thinking. It’s important to ask, “Does this belief serve me?” If the answer is no, make the choice to take your power back. Acknowledge that the belief doesn’t serve you and be on a quest to choose again. Choose a new belief.

In the end, everything in life comes down to the choices we make and the perspective (stories) we create. How will you choose going forward? It’s time to take your power back!



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