Swap Your Bad Habits

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Episode #256

Swap Your Bad Habits

If you’re ready for change you’re going to have to be willing to swap your bad habits. Your current habits have created your reality and current outcomes. Want change? It’s on you. The good news, you don’t have to look far for the answer – you are both the problem, and the solution!

You are a magnet

I realize that may be tough to hear because you want to put the blame outside of you. The reason you feel your results or desires aren’t where you want to them to be are because of your genes, or your boss, or some other outside circumstance. The truth is, you are a magnet. Based on your focus and your thoughts, you’re emitting a frequency that brings back what you put out.

First, awareness

Ready for change?! In order to swap your bad habits you must first be aware. Once you’re aware of always focusing on the suck, or realizing you’re the one sabotaging, you can begin to make the change. It’s about catching and replacing the negative thoughts or actions. Awareness gives you the opportunity to shift focus and choose again.

Change your focus

Once you’re able to catch and replace, it’s time to change your focus. An easy start is to find something you’re grateful for. Not only does that shift your focus but it will also change your emotions and energy. You can begin creating momentum in the direction you want.

Act as if

The final step in swapping your bad habits is to future riff as if. I’ve discussed this before in this post, and in summary, when you think, speak and act as if your desired reality is happening right now, you begin programming your subconscious mind to create that. Your mind doesn’t know the difference between real and imaginary. Seriously, I dare you to try it!

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