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Success Is A Mindset Game

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Episode #323


Success Is A Mindset Game

Mike Young joined me to share his insights on how success is a mindset game. From a young age you were conditioned on how to act, what to believe and how life works. The question is – is any of this true? From our societal and environmental programming, we learned about limitations, lack and fear. However, there is another way.

Box of limitation

In order to be released from the box of limitation, it’s imperative that you tune into your internal guidance. We are all equipped with an internal compass; it’s your choice whether or not you choose to use it. If you want to enjoy this game we’re all in, it’s time to awaken your infinite potential by realizing it’s all a mindset game.

Ask for the manual

On more than one occasion Mike referenced a truth – we don’t hardly know anything. We’re currently living from a very limited perspective (past experience). Wouldn’t it make sense in any game to read the fine print? Ask for the manual? In this game of life, suffering is a choice. We hope you choose to succeed by asking for guidance.

End the struggle

Additionally, mainstream has glorified the hustle and grind mentality. Mike shared that’s the hard way to do it. He’s found more success in taking breaks and shares that the constant effort is actually limiting. It’s time to let go of your ego identity and allow yourself ease and grace. And remember, all success in life is a mindset game!


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