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Strategies for Sustainable Weight Loss

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Episode #305


Strategies for Sustainable Weight Loss

Sarah Rose joined me to share with you strategies for sustainable weight loss. 2020 was a difficult year for many and being in the new year, many resolutions are to lose weight. However, this isn’t about another fad or quick fix – it’s time to learn sustainable strategies.

Stop Yo-yo dieting

If you’ve experienced yo-yo dieting and never had lasting results, you’re not alone. Most diets are a bandaid to a root cause and ultimately those strategies fail to solve the problem. Instead, you have to learn to manage your emotional life. This is the key to lasting results.

Mind body connection

The health and wellness industry tends to focus solely on the body. The issue here is that you’re  missing the mind/body connection. It’s like trying to drive a car with two flat wheels – you need all four balanced to reach your destination. 

When you combine your emotional and physical wellbeing, this is how you create lasting change. Sarah shares the importance of living from the inside out. When you take time to reflect and do the inner work, you can hone in on the triggers that lead to ineffective behaviors like binge eating. 

Alignment is key

Ultimately, sustainable fitness results can be achieved when you bring the mind and body back into alignment. She teaches how to listen to your body and how you can create your life rather than react to it. Don’t miss this full interview – learn the strategies to keep the weight off, for good!


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