Stop Letting Labels Define You

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Episode #219


Stop Letting Labels Define You

Nathan Todd joined me for today’s topic of discussion: stop letting labels define you. Born prematurely and having experienced a brain bleed, Nathan was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Lucky for him, his mom had incredible strength and courage and taught him from a young age to leverage adversity.

Define your own capabilities

The message Nathan shares is that¬†labels lead to feeling stuck, scarcity and not moving into possibility. I agree with Nathan – no label should define you. When you allow an outside force whether it be a person or society dictate what you’re capable of, you’re screwed. Nobody else should be able to define what you’re capable of – don’t let their limitations affect you.

Be bold

Nathan exudes such strength and courage and he told me that your adversity is your advantage. I couldn’t agree more. Think about it, if the people you look up to allowed their label to define them – Oprah (not made for TV), Michael Jordan (not skilled to play basketball) or Henry Ford (not educated), they wouldn’t be who they are today.

Defy the odds

Instead, strive to define your own label every day for yourself. Remember, your beliefs are just thoughts you keep thinking. Rather than be stuck in a story of limitation, choose to defy the odds. You create your reality. You are not a victim of your circumstances. Choose to rise up and rewrite your story.

One message that I loved from Nathan – pick your own label and you’ll be unstoppable. So, I have to ask you, what label do you choose? Will you stop letting labels define you?


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