Stop Consuming and Take Action

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Episode #237


Stop Consuming and Take Action

Michael Marcial joined me this week to share how it’s time to stop consuming and start taking action. We live in times where personal development has become mainstream. We also live in a time of a never ending consumption society. From books to seminars, to online courses, podcasts and more, we’ve become addicted to consuming knowledge.

Knowledge is not power

Knowledge is good because it means you’re learning and curious. However, knowledge is not power. If you’re always consuming and never taking action, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Michael shares how he reached his tipping point of overconsumption and started creating instead. That’s when he created momentum.

What’s your why?

When you can take a step back and stop manic doing, and instead ask yourself “Why?” it opens up a lot of doors to possibility. Your why becomes your driver. The how will always show up. Michael shared that it’s not the how to but rather the why to. When you come from a space of inspiration and service, it becomes a passion and can turn into your purpose.

It’s time to implement

Change starts with you. Take what you’re learning and implement. Create a new routine. Take the time to find clarity on what you really want in life and realize who you need to be to show up to have that reality. It’s like going to the gym – you can’t get fit and tone by watching someone else workout. You have to actually do the reps yourself.


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