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Steps to Reinvent Yourself

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Episode #307


Steps to Reinvent Yourself

Karrie Mitten joined me to share with you steps to reinvent yourself. As you progress through life, you will encounter various transitions. For example, graduating college and entering the workforce, getting married and having children, retiring and more. Through each of these life phases, you have the opportunity to reinvent who you are.

Love what you do

I often hear from society that people don’t even know what they want in life. Something Karrie shares is to find what you love – and go do that! Think back to childhood – what lit you up? Or, to this today, what brings you joy or comes to you easily? It may be art, speaking, cooking, exploring, singing, writing or decorating. Whatever lights you up, go do more of that!

Create a vision

The important aspect here to know is to create a vision and lean into it. When you are living from a space of joy, happiness and fulfillment you are in alignment. This alignment is what brings ease and flow into your life. You become the best version of yourself when living in this space and frequency. 

Connect within

In order to reinvent yourself, you have to connect within. You may find this easiest when meditating or being in nature or journaling. There is no right way. When you connect to infinite intelligence as Karrie says, you will be guided to your next steps. All you have to do is lean in.


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