Spring Clean Your Mindset

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Episode #316

Spring Clean Your Mindset

It’s officially Spring which means it’s time to spring clean your mindset! What does that mean? Today I’m referring to an opportunity to shift your paradigms. Your paradigms are simply models in which you are creating your current reality and they stem from thoughts, beliefs, habits etc. If you want long term sustainable change in life, you have to shift your paradigms.

Be willing to change

Although this may seem difficult at first, it all begins with choice. When you decide you want change in life and offer some humility – that maybe, just maybe you don’t know everything, change begins. It’s this willingness to see and do things differently that new thoughts and ways of living can be shown to you.

Shifting your paradigms

Shifting your paradigms are about the desire to go from lack, scarcity, worry, poverty, ill health and step into the truth – that you are a limitless being. The only limitations we experience are those in which we place on ourselves. This is about surrendering to the truth and ending your struggle! The struggle is not real.

Turn on the light

If you’re ready to turn on the light and see things clearly, then you’re ready to shift your paradigms! This will take conscious, consistent effort for you, but just like with anything, it will become second nature. When you release the veils that have been obstructing your views, your entire reality will change. It’s time to spring clean your mindset!


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