Speed Doesn’t Matter – Forward is Forward

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Episode #174

Speed Doesn’t Matter – Forward is Forward

I had an epiphany on a recent run and that is – speed doesn’t matter – forward is forward. For me, running is a moving meditation. It’s where I feel grounded and can connect to my core self. It’s also when I happen to have the most aha or epiphany thoughts that come to me.

Struggle bus

Today was no different. I was actually on the struggle bus – I felt like I was moving in slo-mo and literally pulling a ton of bricks behind me. It was rough. It also normally takes me about three miles before I feel warmed up and today’s run was only five.

Around the two-mile mark I had this thought to shed my hydration pack and take off my shirt. I never run in just a sports bra. Never. But, I’ve learned to follow the nudges.

Let go

Shortly after shedding that extra weight is when the message hit – what am I carrying that I need to let go of? It was literally and metaphorically a weight lifted off of me. I felt lighter and was running faster. At one point I looked down and was running at an 8:00 mile pace. That’s fast since I normally train at 9:00 – 9:3o pace.

At one point around four miles while climbing up a hill, I looked down and was running at just below an 11:00 minute pace. That’s when the second message hit me – speed doesn’t matter – forward is forward. 

Forward progress

No matter where you’re at in life and on your journey, as long as you’re taking one step at a time and making forward progress, that’s all that matters. It’s time to let go of the comparison trap and anything else that’s weighing you down.


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