Slow Down to Speed Up

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Episode #248

Slow Down to Speed Up

This week is about the power of the pause – how to slow down to speed up. Mainstream has taught you that you have to hustle and grind to get ahead. Somehow that became the norm. And, you know what? That leads to burnout which means you might take two steps forward to inevitably take four steps back.

Hit the refresh button

Instead, I’m offering you a chance to adjust and refresh before you ever hit burnout. I just returned from a solid week’s vacation – no podcasting, no planning, just being present and taking time to slow down and reflect. This allowed me time to create major focus and clarity on my next steps both personally and professionally. 

Endless possibilities

The good news – taking a pause does not mean you have to commit to a week off. You can enjoy a night in, a staycation, a long weekend to be in nature – the possibilities are endless. And, if you don’t allow yourself time to pause, you will lead to burnout.

Additionally, the idea to slow down to speed up is about deliberately pausing and creating a behavior change. Otherwise, if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll keep getting the results you’re getting. My guess, if you’re reading this you’re seeking change. Change starts with a pause.

Full speed ahead

Allowing myself this past week to slow down to speed up has me totally psyched to get back to work. I’m full of creative energy, complete focus and ready to hit the ground running. This is how quantum leaps happen – by slowing down to speed up.



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