Sing Like No One is Listening

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Episode #82

Raise your hand if you suck at singing? Yeah, me too. In fact, karaoke bars are the last place you’d ever find me – until this past weekend. For a friends birthday she organized a birthday bash at a local venue where we’d be singing karaoke. On an excited scale, I was about a zero. I even thought about playing my favorite party trick – not showing up. And then I decided it was time to walk the talk and bust outside of my own comfort zone.

Part of me wanted to go, the other part of me couldn’t decide on an outfit and I figured out it was a pretty decent stall tactic. I finally got myself together and arrived at the venue. To my elation, it wasn’t some huge bar with a stage and drunk people singing. We had a reserved room with just our crew. Now, this setup was something I could handle.

Here’s the thing, 99% of people aren’t good singers so it’s not like I was an outcast. The requested song list was growing and I decided to jump in. Despite my being tone deaf and not being able to carry a note if my life depended on it, I had a ton of fun. I even used my hand as a microphone and sang at the top of my lungs when the actual microphones were in use.

You don’t know if you don’t try. The magic in living will always be found outside of your comfort zone. And the motto on this episode: just do it, even if you suck!


Sing Like No One Is Listening

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