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Simple Strategy to Manifest Anything

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Episode #311


Simple Strategy to Manifest Anything

Katie Wilkinson joined me to share her simple strategy to manifest anything. She’s wise beyond her years and has stepped into living life on her terms at just 22 years old! Luckily for Katie, she grew up with supportive parents who taught her these principles at a young age and now she’s sharing how you too can manifest the life of your dreams.

4 Steps to manifest

The key to manifesting your desires is to first know what you want. Katie shares a four step process to manifesting: IEAT. In this four step process, she walks you through the importance of having intention, energy, action and trusting in the process. The good news, you’re already a manifestor, now it’s time to learn the steps to create deliberately rather than by default.

Thought + Energy = Manifestation

Additionally, manifesting goes beyond thought. When you combine thought + energy (the feelings behind already having that desire) you become a strong magnetic force pulling the desire to you. Your energy is what bridges the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

There are no limits

When you begin living with the awareness that you are a powerful creator, there are no limits. Where it’s money, objects, experiences, business, relationships or more, you can have, be, and do whatever you focus on. As Katie says, whatever you anticipate, you can create.


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