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Shifting Consciousness and Shattering Cultural Barriers

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Episode #243


Shifting Consciousness and Shattering Cultural Barriers

Isabel Hundt joined me to discuss how to shift consciousness and shatter cultural barriers. This topic couldn’t be more timely. The world as a whole, is raging with emotion right now, especially anger and hostility. What we discuss is emotional awareness along with how to clear generational trapped emotions.

Energy and thoughts are never destroyed

First of all, energy and thoughts are never created nor destroyed. That means, that every thought man has ever had is still in circulation. To revert back to hundreds of years ago, there was so much hostility and then, slavery. Those emotions if not cleared and released, are literally passed down through generations.

Wiping the slate clean

Additionally, Isabel shares her gift of clearing emotions to help those who are ready to wipe their slate clean. She shares the importance of understanding our connection and divinity with source. 

Conditioned programming

On top of trapped emotions, we’re all brought up with conditioned programming. Some may serve us, many don’t. Programming that I’m referring to is fear, scarcity, worry, and prejudices of many forms. We have a choice now- to shift consciousness and create a different world moving forward. 

To begin new, you have to become curious and also learn to observe your thoughts and beliefs. Are they serving you? Become curious and childlike and ask more questions. This is the first step in the right direction in your ability to shift consciousness and shatter cultural barriers. 


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