Shift Your Focus

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Episode #276

Shift Your Focus

We’re nearing the end of 2020 and if you want a different experience in 2021, it’s time to shift your focus! I did a poll on my various social media platforms this week asking this question: “Are you happy or are you just comfortable?” The results were across the board – miserable at best.

Change your thinking

You’re not alone. If you’re wanting better health, more money, to be in a relationship or better your relationship and wanting to feel passion and purpose in life – it’s time to shift your focus. It’s easy to focus on what is. And, more often than not, talk about what’s not working.

By doing that, you’re creating more of it. Instead, shift your focus. Start talking about what you do want. What your ideal reality looks and feels like. What do you do? Where do you go? Who’s a part of your life? You are the director of your movie – it’s time to rewrite the script!

Proactive vs. reactive

In order to shift your focus and create a new reality, it’s going to take discipline. Most importantly, it’s about making a conscious effort – a choice, that you want more. How can you start being proactive in creating your life rather than being reactive? Now is the time!

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Shift Your Focus


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