Set Yourself Up For Success With a Morning Routine

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Episode #298

Set Yourself Up For Success With a Morning Routine

I’m sharing with you how to set yourself up for success with a morning routine. This has taken time to figure out what works for me and I’m going to share my routine with you. There is no right or wrong way to do a morning routine, do what works for you and stay consistent.

Be intentional

The point of a morning routine is about being intentional with you day. When you wake up and fill up your own cup, you’re creating by design rather than be default. If you’re used to waking up, hitting snooze, rushing around and being late, it’s time to make some serious changes!

Start early

Each day I wake up at 5:30am. I like to spend the first part of my listening to my morning manifesto in which I have detailed what my future looks like. This is about visualizing and feeling this future reality in the now. Then, I go to the gym for physical movement and am literally doing the reps to build my mindset.

Consistency is key

You are the director of your life. When you implement a morning routine, you are deciding and directing how you show up. This is how you set yourself up for success. And, like with anything, consistency is key. Figure out what works for you and get to it! Feel free to journal, meditate, go for a run or whatever helps you clear your mind, create focus and forward momentum to take on the day.


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Morning Routine


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