Self Reflection – How to Reach Your Full Potential

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Episode #280

Self Reflection – How to Reach Your Full Potential

It’s time to do some self reflection so you can learn how to reach your full potential. Do you find yourself chasing dreams that aren’t even yours? I did. Just over three years ago I took a giant leap of faith and quit my corporate job with no plan. I couldn’t fathom cheering on Friday and dreading Monday the rest of my life.

Do the inner work

That led me to do a lot of self reflection and inner work. I started journaling and became curious on how to live life on my terms. How to wake up each day excited and have time and financial freedom I saw other people creating. I wanted to know how I could reach my full potential and chase my own dreams.

Create clarity

To begin, create time and space to self reflect. You have to get real with yourself. What do you want? Where do you live? Do you travel and if so, where to? When you become clear on what you actually want, you can start to mentally rehearse and visualize what that life looks like. 

Design your life

Most people live life by default. They succumb to societal norms that we’ve been conditioned to chase. For example, obtaining a college degree, climbing the corporate ladder and look forward to one day they can retire. That’s no life at all! It’s time you sit down, self reflect on what you want so you can reach your full potential!

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Reach your full potential


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