Seeking Contentment vs. Fulfillment

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Episode #134

I had planned to do a podcast on one episode and then after two nudges this morning, I realized I needed to talk about seeking contentment vs. fulfillment. Contentment and fulfillment are NOT the same thing. By definition, contentment is happiness or satisfaction, fulfillment on the other hand is the achievement of something desired.

Contentment vs. Fulfillment

Contentment is fleeting because as it’s based on happiness, happiness is circumstantial. It comes and goes. We also tend to place being happy on outside circumstances such as I’ll be happy when ___________. If you expect external things to bring an internal condition, you’ll never find it.

Fulfillment on the other hand comes from within. To me, being fulfilled means my cup runneth over. It means tapping into passion and purpose. It may also mean feeling peace and zen from within. That to me is what life is all about.

Don’t be another robot

In our society, he have been conditioned to become content. We dread Monday’s and cheer on Friday’s week in and week out. We’re content with a stable paycheck even if we hate our job. We’re content in a relationship because we’re comfortable, but not fulfilled. We’ve “settled” for this will do.

You have one chance at this thing called life. I hope you want to tap into fulfillment and leave being content behind. Make this year, a year of finding fulfillment, joy, peace and purpose.

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