Releasing Self Doubt

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Episode #80

Ahh, self doubt. It’s not your friend. Self doubt in fact, kills more dreams than failure ever will. Just this past weekend, I met a girl who had written a book eight years ago and hasn’t published it. I asked her why she’d been sitting on it for eight years?! She was clearly excited about the story line and wanted to share but her biggest doubt and fears were that she would be judged and criticized.

Guess what? You are going to be judged and criticized in life no matter what you do. You might as well do something big – something worth talking about!

Doubt, worry and regret are three of the most useless ways to spend your time. They might give you something to do, but you won’t get anywhere. Instead, take action. DO something productive that will propel you forward in the direction of your goals. Today’s a good day to begin.

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