Releasing Insecurity and Embracing Self Confidence

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Episode #109

Delia Perry joins me to share her story of releasing insecurity and embracing self confidence. Teenage and college years can be difficult for many, including Delia. She shares how she overcame low self esteem and insecurities from playing sports and having a tough coach in college to shedding light on this topic for younger girls to embrace their own self confidence.

We all have stories we believe. Delia believed she wasn’t good enough, not skinny enough, simply not enough. By replaying these stories over and over, she started to believe them. What’s important to note is that the stories we create, are just that – stories. If they’re not serving you, it’s vital to witness and accept that and learn to re-write your story. 

Delia shares how she was able to own her responsibility and the steps she took to begin believing her own worth and value. She had two choices: stay stuck and damaged or move past and become more?

What I love most about her story is that she found the silver lining. From her experience of low self esteem and now having a teenage daughter of her own, she embraced this and is now inspiring other women. She’s a voice to help others through it. 

Delia shared her self confidence fundamentals: finding value in who you really are; recognize unhealthy space; being self aware; and being mindful of language. 

Finally, in a world where you can be anything, be kind.

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