Redefining Success with Jake Frew

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Episode #143


Redefining Success with Jake Frew

This week I interviewed Jake Frew where he shared with me his journey on how to redefine success. Jake followed the norm – went to college, received his engineering degree, got married and was living in the ‘burbs. He had reached all of the milestones of “success” as society has deemed. Yet, he was unfulfilled. 

Find a creative outlet

After some life changes, Jake decided to chase his childhood passion of creating videos. He left his engineering job, sold his house and bought a camper van. He’s on a mission to redefine success for himself and he shares steps on how you can too.

For Jake, success is having the freedom to travel and having a creative outlet. Although he still works a 9-5, this time in marketing, finding that creative outlet is fulfilling and ultimately success to him.

Take the leap

Jake’s advice – take a leap of faith. Tap into what brings you joy and take small steps each day to creating a life you can be proud of. 

Now that he’s no longer chasing society’s definition of success, he’s been able to redefine it for himself. Jake shares his three pillars of success: 

  • Consume less; create more
  • Master your craft
  • Tell a better story

Bust outside of your comfort zone

The biggest takeaway- comfort lacks fulfillment. What can you do or change in your life to bust outside of your comfort zone? How can you reignite passion and define success on your terms? 


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