Redefining Self After Losing Everything

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Episode #181


Redefining Self After Losing Everything

Have you ever had to start over? As in, redefine yourself after losing everything? Apollo Sevant joins me this week to share how he did just that. Apollo had everything going for him – big money, a music deal, multiple houses, parties, friends – he was living the life. Until he lost everything.

Perspective is everything

What I love about Apollo’s journey is his perspective. He knows that life is happening for him, not to him. He’s genuinely in the flow and has learned the balance of allowing and taking action. This is something we can all benefit in the noise of today’s world to DO, DO, DO.

After losing everything, Apollo found himself in Sedona, Arizona. If you’re unfamiliar with Sedona, it’s known for it’s new age vibe and more or less a vortex for high vibing energy and healing. I’ve visited Sedona myself and as an avid nature goer, I do love the landscape and feelings of peace it provides.

Be willing to grow

Apollo shared me with another message that was such an aha moment for me. So many people are afraid of change and growth. The truth is, just like lifting weights at the gym, you have to rip apart the muscles and then have time for rest and recovery to become stronger. It’s the tearing apart, or in his case, losing everything that provide the opportunity for monumental growth.

Being grateful for everything in life, and I mean everything is the pathway to happiness.


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