Quantum Physics 101

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Episode #233


Quantum Physics 101

Jason Persaud is back and this time we’re diving into quantum physics 101. I’ve been fascinated by quantum physics for awhile and it can get really daunting trying to understand all of the technicalities and science behind the theory. Luckily for us, founder of Quantum Health in Toronto, Canada, Jason was able to break it down in a digestible manner.

Quantum physics defined

First of all, the basics behind quantum physics is that it underlies how atoms work, and explains why chemistry and biology work as they do. Most of the western culture focuses on the body – movement, consumption and ailments. Quantum physics goes much deeper and explains how energy moves at the subatomic level.

Finding the root cause

If you’ve ever seen the picture of an iceberg, most of humanity functions from their conscious mind which is only 5% of the equation. The other 95% is the subconscious mind (or what’s beneath the surface in the visual of the iceberg). It’s important to understand the whole function of the systems to eradicate chronic pain. It’s about understanding the root cause rather than simply trying to numb the symptoms.

Your subconscious mind is where your patterns, habits and conditioning are formed. Without understanding the levels of the physical, systemic, vital and mental bodies, you can’t heal chronic conditions or negative patterns. Quantum physics helps you understand how all of these pieces create the whole.

Releasing trapped emotions

As Jason shares, meditation is the easiest way to begin healing. A lot of chronic issues are trapped emotions that need healed. This leads to being reactive in situations rather than proactive. The first step in the process to begin healing is to audit, acknowledge and become aware of your patterns and behaviors. Don’t miss this full episode!


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