Pursue Your Dreams with Robert Radnoti

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Episode #235


Pursue Your Dreams with Robert Radnoti

Robert Radnoti joined me this week to share how to pursue your dreams. With a background in coaching track athletes and years of studying psychology, Robert has an intriguing background of how he quit a high paying corporate job to pursue his passion of coaching running athletes.

Create your goal card

Something Robert shared with me is the idea of creating a goal card. We all have desires and goals for our life. The thing is, many people don’t go after them due to limitations in their thinking. An easy three part process to reach a goal and create belief in your subconscious is to do the following:

Goal Card – declaration of an action and result 

  • Because I pursued ______ (action and ideal)
  • I am/have (insert goal) 
  • Feeling (feelings anchor belief)

Set an intention

Setting an intention and creating belief is what brings manifestation of desires to you. By stating whatever you desire and speaking as though it has already happened, it must. Robert has recently studied and completed his courses in hypnotherapy. This is a process of rewiring your subconscious via suggestions while in a deeply concentrated state.

Pursuing your dreams is a choice. If you have a desire to become a pilot, write a book, move to another country or create an online business to have time and financial freedom, it’s all possible and available to you. Opportunities are always around – are you open to them?

Say Yes

The biggest takeaway – pursue your dreams and get in the habit of saying YES! As the saying goes, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Robert is a great example of taking a leap of faith and following his dream. Life keeps happening for him because he’s made a conscious choice to say YES. Will you?


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