Overcoming a Fear of Swimming

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Episode #129


Overcoming a Fear of Swimming

Heather Parady joined me this week to share how she went from being afraid of the water and swimming, to completing a half ironman. That’s two complete different extremes, right?! Heather proved that when you are determined and let fear fuel you, not rule you, you can literally accomplish anything.

The biggest challenge of all.

The idea to sign up for a half ironman came one morning while running with a friend. Heather stands behind trying new things and challenging oneself and she felt hypocritical to not walk the talk. So, she set out to complete a half ironman.

As a lover of running she knew she had that in the bag and began running a half marathon (13.1 miles) every weekend. Then came the swimming. She started slow and immersed herself in learning. She even watched YouTube videos to learn proper breathing techniques.

A half ironman also includes a bike ride. Heather hadn’t ridden an adult bike, well, maybe ever. She shared that throughout all of the training she really loved the mind/body connection. She learned that whatever the mind can conceive, the body can achieve.

The power of a mantra.

What really got Heather through it all – a mantra a mentor shared with her and that was “You belong here”. She also used the power of visualization and at the end of the pool would imagine a loved one waiting for her.

The most powerful of all, Heather did this for herself. And now she has this experience to help her go after the next challenge.

Are you ready to step up and face your fears?

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