Out With The Old – In With The New!

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Episode #292

Out With The Old – In With The New!

We’re just days away from January 1st which means its time for out with the old – in with the new! Except, let this new year be different for you. Rather than set big, hairy, audacious goals and ultimately fail like more than 80% of people who set a new year resolution, let this year be YOUR year!

Let go, let flow

First of all, it’s time to sit down and decide what do you want to leave behind in 2020? What habits, patterns, behaviors, people, clutter, etc. do you want to let go of? What’s no longer serving you?

The one thing

Once you’ve taken inventory on what you’re leaving behind, decide just ONE thing you want to go all in on. If you focus on one thing and fully commit, you’re more than likely to actually achieve your goal. Then, once you’ve crushed that goal, set a new one. And, keep going after that. 

Fresh perspective

I’m feeling more inspired than ever to go into 2021 with a fresh perspective. I have excited anticipation it’s going to be my best year yet. I’ve gotten clear on what I want, and more importantly, the things I’m leaving behind. Now, it’s your turn. What are you getting clear on for 2021 so you can be out with the old and make room for the new?!


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