No Matter Your Speed, Keep Moving

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Episode #94

Life for me, is one big metaphor. No matter your speed, keep moving. I’m currently traveling in Australia, and, solo at that. What I love most about traveling are the epiphanies and a-ha moments I have when I bust out of my comfort zone, am being adventurous and trying new things.

One of the to-do’s while I was in Melbourne was to hike the 1,000 steps. As I was on my way up the initial ascent, I wasn’t that impressed. I then saw a sign that the hike would take 50 minutes. Fifty minutes to hike 1,000 steps?! Shit. This is where the powerful message came to me “No matter your speed, keep moving.” This especially goes for wherever you’re at in life, too. When you doubt or feel like quitting, I challenge you to keep moving. All you’re required to do is put one foot in front of the other, the rest will fall into place.

As I continued the climb, passing small groups of people, I decided stopping wasn’t an option. I’ve run a half marathon before and I remember witnessing people pulling over with calf cramps. Stopping and then starting again is way more difficult than continuing pushing forward, even if it’s a slower pace. I ended up reaching the top of the hike in 23 minutes! Perseverance my friends, is the key to all success.

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