Mindset Shift to Improve Your Life

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Episode #320

Mindset Shift to Improve Your Life

If you’re seeking change in your life, today I’m sharing with you a mindset shift to improve your life. The problem with wanting to find a solution to a problem is that you’re using the same mindset that got you into it. That’s a vicious cycle that will lead to failure every time. Instead, you have to shift your mindset and I’m sharing with you how.

Creating a mind/body connection

First of all, trying to fix a current situation or problem intellectually keeps you stuck in your head. As I’ve shared before, your analytical mind is only 5% of the pie. Instead, you’ve got to create mind/body connection for true, lasting change. How you may ask? You’ll need a combination of a willingness to change, humility to ask for guidance and choosing to surrender to be shown the way.

Connect within

More or less, it’s realizing that you don’t have the answers. When you ask for help (and I’m talking about connecting within) you will be shown. You have to let go of the resistance and impatience so that the channel of communication can be created. This is how you can bridge the gap from where you are, to where you want to be.

Pull the weeds and plant new seeds

We’re conditioned to seek for answers outside of ourselves – in a book, at a conference or an online course. Although you may learn something, they results will be short lived. These are leading you to change a symptom of a deep rooted problem. Instead, go within and pull the weeds to plant new seeds. Watch how this shift in mindset will improve your life!

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